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Supportive environment and personal campus attracts university grad


Rikki Wieczorek is 20 years old and a half semester into her first year of the Business Administration /Marketing Program at St. Lawrence College. After university, traveling and working in Canada’s north, she came home to Kingston to sign up for her future at the College. She thought she wanted to be a pastry chef, but the business end of that job fascinated her more than rolling out the dough, hence the Business Administration and Marketing Program.

Rikki had heard amazing things about St. Lawrence College and says the small classes, keen instructors, the more personal and supportive atmosphere on campus, certainly attracted her attention. And although it seemed bit scary on the first day of classes, Rikki recognized the welcoming St. Lawrence environment as a safe and supportive learning zone, allowing her, as she says, to put herself out on the edge and see just what’s out there, definitely a College Diploma but maybe a Degree!

As a mature student, Rikki is keen to experience everything, take every course offered and get involved in the College community.  After only two months back at school, Rikki Wieczorek is already saying ‘hello’ to her future at St. Lawrence College!