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All students receive Recipes for an Empty Wallet


You’ve no doubt heard about “Recipes for an Empty Wallet”, the cookbook published last year by the Food Cents Project and others at St. Lawrence College. Well, the latest news is that the cookbook is now considered to be a ‘best seller’ with 10,000 copies distributed and a fourth edition of 11,000 copies ordered, with an entire section featuring slow cookers.

This fall, 7,000 OSAP students arriving at St. Lawrence College received a free cookbook, along with their Student grants, loans and bursaries. Now, everybody has a chance to enjoy healthy meals while on a very strict budget. The government reports that students ought to be able to spend under $8 a day on food and still eat well, if you think about that, it isn’t even close to being easy.

That’s why ‘Recipes for an Empty Wallet’ was put together and published by professional chefs, students studying Culinary Arts, hard-working student volunteers in the Food Cents, ‘Enactus’ organization on campus, the Kingston Partners in Mission Food Bank and generous community donors.

Check it out on-line and get your free copy today at More and more people are able to afford to say ‘hello’ to their future at St. Lawrence College!