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Pink Shirt Day @ SLC


The three  campuses were a sea of pink on February 26… pink shirts, pink ties, pink scarves and hats… everywhere… all in honour of a nation-wide, ‘Pink Shirt Day’ to raise awareness of social cruelty and bullying… and to decrease or even STOP the hurtful issue so many people suffer. At St. Lawrence College, the Child and Youth Worker students were smack dab in the middle of all the action as they’d spent the entire month of February working with The Boys and Girls Club and Pathways to Education, in programs that bring them together with our young people at risk.


CYW students presented Workshops, encouraged increased community support for these organizations AND, third year CYW students at the College presented a very special project called,” The SLC Dream”, where they invited 30 first generation students to join them on campus, spend time in residence, have fun with a Movie night, a campus wide scavenger hunt and sitting in on class lectures. It was an introduction to College life as it CAN be and opened the doors to so many possibilities.