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From 600 classmates to 35, college feels like home away from home


Belleville native Leslie Williams won't soon forget the first time one of her St. Lawrence College teachers actually called her by name in class. Coming from a year at university where there were 600 students in a huge auditorium, Leslie says 35 or 40 people in her College course was a much more comfortable number, and more personal. It was she says, kind of like a home away from home!

Now in her fourth year of the Bachelor of Psychology Degree Program at St. Lawrence with three work placements and a full course load almost under her belt, Leslie reports she’s learned a great deal along the way and is looking forward to graduating to a career working with high school students, to encourage them to not only stay in school, but dream big for their own future.

So, what would Leslie's advice be to someone just starting a College experience? First, she’d recommend it to absolutely everyone and would tell them to never doubt their own abilities. St. Lawrence College instructors are there because they care. And they believe in you so, you should believe in yourself!

Leslie Williams knows she is about to say ‘hello’ to a bright future when she graduates from St. Lawrence College!