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Pre-Service Firefighter students raise $2,500 for Palliative Care

2014-04-25, 3:21 PM

Pre-Service Firefighter students present a cheque for Palliative Care in Brockville

St. Lawrence College Pre-Service Firefighter Education & Training students have raised $2,500 for Palliative Care at Brockville General Hospital in March and April.

Pre-Service Firefighter students Stephen Baird and Kyle Villeneuve spearheaded the fundraising, which was mostly done through the program’s annual formal event. They renamed the event the Fire Formal Fundraiser, with all proceeds going towards Palliative Care, and earned the support of their fellow Pre-Service Firefighter classmates and their College and local communities.

“We wanted to give back to the community, particularly to a cause that is meaningful to the Pre-Service Firefighter program and to the students from other programs on the Brockville campus, many of whom are studying health sciences. We received a lot of support from students in all programs on campus, as well as from local businesses in the Brockville community, who donated to our fundraising efforts,” said Kyle.

St. Lawrence College’s Pre-Service Firefighter students each complete an 8-hour shift in Brockville General Hospital’s Emergency Room, working at a first response level of care alongside nursing staff as a supplement to the students’ training in emergency patient care.

“Every Firefighter student gains valuable experience in emergency patient care at Brockville General Hospital and many other students complete placements there, so giving back to Palliative Care felt like a good way to honour the relationship between the College’s students and the hospital while also giving back to members of the community,” said Stephen.

The funds were donated to the Brockville and District Hospital Foundation at a brief presentation at the Rutley Training Tower today. Joan Simon, Executive Director of the Brockville and District Hospital Foundation, Sherry Anderson, Director of Complex Care, Palliative Care & Rehab at Brockville General Hospital, and Brockville General Hospital Palliative Care Consult Nurses Janis Easton and Cheryl Rennick, were on hand to accept the donation from the Pre-Service Firefighter students.

Pictured L-R: Chris Paul, Pre-Service Firefighter Technologist; Joan Simon, Executive Director, Brockville and District Hospital Foundation; Stephen Baird, Pre-Service Firefighter student; Janis Easton, Palliative Care Consult Nurse, Brockville General Hospital; Kyle Villeneuve, Pre-Service Firefighter student; Cheryl Rennick, Palliative Care Consult Nurse, Brockville General Hospital; Captain Mark Weldon, Program Coordinator/Professor, Pre-Service Firefighter program; Dillon Champagne, Pre-Service Firefighter student; Sherry Anderson, Director of Complex Care, Palliative Care & Rehab, Brockville General Hospital; Eric Boland, Pre-Service Firefighter student.


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