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Child and Youth Worker students heading to Africa


Seventeen students will have a life-changing, educational experience when they head to Watamu, Kenya this March. Their objectives are to pay for and construct two family homes, two play structures, provide much needed sterilization equipment at the Gede Clinic, and support the orphanage by painting and providing funds to feed 42 children for one month.

The third-year students will be accompanied by faculty members, Brian Wilcock and Colleen McAlister- Lacombe, as well as two alumni Adam Stroud and Dustin Tryon who travelled with the group last year. The group leaves Canada on February 28, and will return on March 22.

"When I first heard about this opportunity, I was excited to take part in such a life changing experience. It was not long into the planning process that I realized how powerful taking part in this initiative was. I had family, friends, students, and community members approaching me displaying their own excitement and appreciation for what our class is taking on. I feel very fortunate to take part in this Global Advocacy Project and cannot wait to leave a positive impact on the children, families and community, " said student Jessie Ward.

“Both Colleen and I are excited to be returning to Watamu, Kenya, with another third year group, to continue the work we began last year in this impoverished community. We are proud to be a part of an innovative St. Lawrence College that allows for such a unique opportunity for students to gain experience in advocacy,” said Brian Wilcock, a professor in the program. “The students will gain first hand experiential knowledge and grow both personally and professionally.  Simply put, these Students will be forever changed as a result of being involved with this initiative.” 

"I am delighted that students of our CYW program will have this extraordinary learning opportunity in Kenya.  They will be experiencing powerful real-life lessons about life, culture, friendship, family, community and all that is needed to support the well-being of every individual,” said Robin Hicks, Associate Dean of Community Services at St. Lawrence College. “The students will carry that learning forward in their future careers as child and youth workers, wherever they choose to work."

This trip was made possible by student fundraising, donations from families, the business community, and generous bursaries for each student from the St. Lawrence College Foundation—Extraordinary Learning Opportunities Fund, and the Student Association. 

All project materials were purchased by the Kinsmen Club of Kingston, who made a $9,000 donation to cover material costs for the homes, play structures, and sterilization equipment.



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