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College is buzzing with World Changer activities


St. Lawrence College was looking very different this past week as participants of World Changers took over the premises. There were signs everywhere indicating services and room assignments for everything from food, lodging, recreation and worship.

With their headquarters in Atlanta Georgia and participation from youth and adults from several states, World Changers have made Cornwall their destination (along with 94 other cities in North America) for 12 years. The World Changers Organization has been wholly supported by Groupe Renaissance Group again this year. "I am pleased to say that our collaborative efforts have included: roofing, exterior/interior painting, building decks, repairing garages, repairing and painting patios and building wheelchair ramps," explained Diane Owen, President of Groupe Renaissance Group. The fifteen crews completed 16 to 20 community projects and it is with great pride and admiration that I thank World Changers for all of their dedication and hard work."

"We were happy to host the group again this year", said Don Fairweather, Campus Dean at St. Lawrence College. The only year we were not able to accommodate them was last summer while the campus was under heavy construction. "We had even better accommodations to offer them this year, especially the air conditioning which was not available to them in the past," he adds. With the weather being warmer than usual, the teams were grateful for the reprieve after being on roof tops and outdoors most days.

World Changers were also very pleased with the reception they received from the community and the College. "This is definitely one of the best set-ups," explained Rachel Arthur, Missions Communications Specialist. The staff had seven separate residence rooms which allowed them privacy and space away from the large group. In addition, participants made use of 10 classrooms, an extra room for worship, the gym for free-time activities and the cafeteria for breakfast and dinner. The classrooms are large and allow them to keep specific groups together rather than being split up into many smaller rooms. "We like to keep are larger groups together as much as possible and the classrooms here are spacious", she adds.

The days were long and hot and the crews worked steadily day after day. When they returned to the campus, they were thankful for the shower rooms provided on campus. "We sometimes have shower trailers ", explained Arthur. She admitted that those are fine but do not compare with the great shower facilities provided on campus.

On Saturday morning, 150 World Changers will be leaving the city for another year and will be making way for Group Works, another volunteer group who will be enjoying a week in Cornwall and at St. Lawrence College.

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