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Urban Farm Launches at St Lawrence College, Brockville


An urban farming initiative is launching at St Lawrence College in Brockville this spring, aiming to provide organic, sustainably grown food for 40 families in the Brockville community. A urban farm was established last year on the Kingston campus of St. Lawrence College.

The initiative is a result of collaboration between the College and Living Cities, a Kingston-based community business that designs, builds, and manages urban farming operations. Living Cities works with partner organizations to convert unused green space for food production and employs students and youth to grow food for their community.

"An urban farm on our campus will be a beautiful addition," said campus dean, Doug Roughton. "Everyone will benefit – our students, staff and community, not to mention the environment! We’re proud to support this effort at becoming more self-sufficient and sustainable."

The operation is based on the principles of community supported agriculture, where members of the community are encouraged to purchase a membership or "share" in the operation at the start of the season, which then entitles them to 20 week of seasonal vegetable baskets off of the urban farm. Additionally, a portion of garden is dedicated to growing food for donation to the Brockville Food Bank, to support those in the community who cannot otherwise access fresh vegetables.

The community farming initiative will incorporate a variety of sustainable growing techniques, including crop rotation, companion planting, rainwater collection and composting for fertilization. The operation does not use chemical pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers, and all work is done by hand without the use of machines. Additionally, over 15 fruits and vegetables will be grown, all of which are heirloom/heritage varieties (non-GMO, traditional cultivars).

The "farm" at SLC Brockville will be Living Cities’ first operation in the Brockville area. The company plans to expand their operation next year to provide Brockville with even more fresh produce grown right in the city, with the goal of creating at least 4 jobs for students in 2012 and growing for over 100 families in the area.

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Nathan Putnam
President and CEO
Living Cities Company Inc.

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