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St. Lawrence College welcomes more students than ever this Fall


September has launched students back into the classroom, “and they’ve brought plenty of energy and enthusiasm along with them,” said Gordon MacDougall, Vice President, Student and External Affairs, St. Lawrence College. “We are thrilled to have the next cohort of community leaders begin their learning journey with us.”

While official enrollment numbers have yet to be confirmed, it will be another strong year for the college. The 2009-10 school year saw full-time enrollment growth over 10 per cent college-wide over the previous year. “This is exceptional, especially since the number of students in Canada’s elementary and secondary schools will decline by as much as 500,000 in the next 12 years,” MacDougall said. “We anticipate 2010-11 enrollment numbers to remain steady, and that will mean we have more students than ever before in our classrooms.”

“Community Service programs, along with Health Sciences and Justice Studies are still the most popular programs for our students, and they seem to reach capacity quickly,” MacDougall said. All college programs go through a regular review process to ensure they continue to meet the needs of our students, communities, and future employment trends.

St. Lawrence College is looking forward to the beginning of the school year and the arrival of all of our new and returning students. The summer has been filled with a tremendous amount of activity as revitalization and construction projects on each of our campuses have taken place. Highlights include:

· The Cornwall campus is undergoing a major revitalization that will continue into 2011. There are many expanded and new classrooms, improved student services areas, and facilities ready to go for this fall.
· The Brockville campus has undergone a little over $1 million in revitalization this summer. The campus boasts a new Firefighter training facilities, new labs for students in our health sciences, and a new learning commons for all students.
· The Kingston campus is set to open a new Wind Turbine and Trades Training facility as well as refreshing many classrooms and student gathering areas over the past several months.

We also have students from over 30 countries attending this year in a wide array of programs. For several years the college has focused on recruiting both locally and internationally. This year we have a record number of international students. International students are part of the growing diversity at the college.

The college boasts the province’s highest employer satisfaction rating at 94.9 per cent and graduate employment rate at 89.3 per cent. “The job you love is calling,” MacDougall said, echoing the college’s tagline.


For more information:

Laura Tulchinsky
St. Lawrence College Communications
613-544-5400 ext. 1291