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IT Services will be reaching out each month with tips and tricks about ongoing cyber security threats that could affect the lives of students, staff, and faculty. These are aimed at educating the readers so that they can make informed decisions, make better choices about what to share with the world, and protect themselves.

We aim to keep the conversation going so that students can feel comfortable asking us questions and learning who to go to if something does happen. We aim to have staff knowing the risks that are unique to their positions within the college. This is meant to be going and changing to meet the ever changing electronic environment that we live in.

Cyber Security: Timely information that you need to know!

password protection

Did you know a single eight-character password takes less than half a day to decode? 


Did you know: The volume of spam emails increased 4x in 2016!


Spotting Phishing

Did you know: Email is the #1 delivery method of most malware?





ID Theft



Did you know: Between January 2014 and December 2016, $290 MILLION was estimated as lost by Canadians to Fraudsters?








Did you know: Almost half of the lost USB drives will be plugged into a computer?







Did you know: 35% of people say they use their mobile devices more while on vacation than they do at home!




Social Media



Did you know: 24% of social network users say they are not confident in their ability to use privacy settings?








Did you know: Every 40 seconds a company is hit with Ransomware, in that time two individuals will be hit!




Safe Browsing



Did you know: 9500 malicious sites are found each day through Google Safe Browsing?







Did you know: A 2016 survey found that 37% of Canadians are "extremely concerned" about the protection of personal privacy?







Did you know: In 2016, the IPC receive 61,590 Freedom of Information requests, this is up 3% from the previous year.







Did you know: The term "Internet of Things" was coined in 1999 by Kevin Ashton. It defines the network that not only connects people but also the objects around us!




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