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Application Transportation

Application Forms:
> Fall 2020 Application Form - pdf document

Please ensure that the student's legal name is provided on the online application and their name is spelled correctly. Students with incorrect names will have to fill out paperwork and provide government identification to the college to have their record's changed.

Acceptance lists will be sent to board contacts and acceptance e-mails will be sent to students. 

IEP: Accommodation Letter Process at St. Lawrence College - pdf document

Ministry Codes

Students are provided with bus tickets and must register their vehicle (license plate number and car make is needed) with us for parking. This is discussed at orientation. A student can register up to two vehicles. If a student does not register their vehicle or gives us the incorrect information and receives a ticket, the student will have to pay for the ticket. Students can go to the Dual Credit office at their campus to receive more bus tickets or a register their vehicle if they missed orientation. Students living outside city limits can apply for mileage to be covered by the program (this completed on a case-by-case basis). Dual Credit teachers must input the transportation request at the beginning of each semester for it to be processed by the Dual Credit office. The fall semester transportation deadline is the last business day in October and the winter semester deadline is the last business day in February. 

The St. Lawrence College Dual Credit Facilitator, Jennifer Halligan ( must be notified via e-mail by the Dual Credit Teacher if a student drops. Please indicate the student's first and last name and the course they are withdrawing from. All drops must be completed before the end of the semester. If a withdrawal is not submitted before the end of the semester, a "F" can be placed on the student's college transcript.

Mark Templates – PDF

Dual Credit Primary Target Groups:

  • Disengaged and underachieving with the ability to succeed (pdf document)
  • Students under 21 working towards their OSSD
  • Indigenous
  • Crown Ward
  • First Generation
  • Non-Graduates

Adult Dual Credit (ADC) Primary Target Groups:

  • Disengaged and underachieving with the ability to succeed (pdf document)
  • 21 and over in age
  • Non-graduates working towards their OSSD
  • On a college pathway (OCAS & OUAC applications will be funded)
  • Willing to participate in activities associated to pathway planning outside of their dual credit course

OYAP Level 1 Participant Suitability & Selection:

  • Students must be in Grade 11, Grade 12 or 12+;
  • Have previously had a successful experience in an apprenticeship trade (placement, work experience etc.)
  • Student has completed or are on track to complete a related Grade 12 technological education courses or other courses relevant to an apprenticeship;
  • Student must have a Registered Training Agreement with MAESD.
    **When you submit an application for an OYAP student, please ensure that the OYAP Coordinator for your board is aware of the student's application**

*Applications open for OYAP Programs on April 23 (for Fall 2019) and October 14 (for Winter 2020), students are accepted based on admissions criteria until the program is full.  
*For Dual Credits students in the disengaged and underachieving target group, under 21 and non-graduates will be considered first.