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We believe no other program in the province offers the same personal and coach-based education. But don't take our word for it, here's what one of our current students, Chantal Lauzon, has to say:

"The teachers at SLC make all the difference. They know us all personally, meet us regularly to keep us on track, and make sure we have the most job-ready Advertising skills. They have personally helped me secure both of my work placements, based on areas that most interest ME. They have already offered to help me find a job after I graduate. Even when I didn't know exactly what area of Advertising to pursue, they counselled me on that. I feel they are always there for me."

Relationships Matter.

Other ways we foster relationships:

  • Every student receives in upper year mentor for guidance, with a chance for professional mentors in upper years;
  • Industry professionals are brought into the classroom EVERY semester as clients and guest speakers, and we make introductions for students in their areas of interest;
  • Students have the chance to reverse-interview people working in areas they are considering for employment;
  • Students work closely in teams, and are taught skills for working through conflict;
  • Community networking events are promoted and made accessible each semester;
  • Students develop relationships with local and area businesses in the upper-year Advertising Agency work setting.

Or check out this video series that gives you a glimpse into our third year Agency, where students work in a real Advertising Agency setting with real community clients. No lectures, just real world learning and relationships. 

Check out our Alumni profile

Our program is a recognized leader in Ontario. Our students have excelled in numerous video competitions and are consistent winners at the annual Ontario Colleges’ Marketing Competition (OCMC) and the Vanier College BDC Case Challenge, where expertise in advertising and marketing is recognized by marketing professionals:

2015: SLC team won three gold medals and placed silver overall at OCMC
2014: SLC team won gold at the Vanier College BDC Case Challenge
2013: SLC team won gold at OCMC and silver at the Vanier College BDC Case Challenge
2012: SLC team won three gold medals and one silver medal at OCMC