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For prospective students, written with input from current students!

  • Getting your immunization status checked, recorded and sent to the college Health Center prior to first semester is crucial to ensure that you can attend laboratory classes and ultimately the clinical labs.This program is training you for a profession in which your exposure to dangerous materials, samples and infectious agents is higher than in many other professions.
  • You will take blood and have your blood taken (unless you physically are unable to do so) in this program.
  • You must make a continuance grade in all core courses (theory and labs) to continue in the program. The continuance grade is 63%.
  • The program is preparing you to become part of a regulated health profession and is academically challenging; time management skills are necessary!
  • Some students find the workload prohibits them from working while going to school.
  • Laboratory attendance is mandatory.
  • Problem solving, critical thinking and math skills are a big part of the program!
  • Transfer credits are processed prior to 1st semester start via the college main website under the tab Transfer Credits and Exemption at SLC. There is an administrative fee involved due to the need to check course outlines, transcripts and ensure graduation requirements.
  • You will have multiple comprehensive exams and practical “hands-on” assessments throughout the program to ensure retention of material and ensure national competencies are met.
  • This is a competency based program which means the curriculum is based on the national standards (CSMLS) for entry level general medical laboratory technologists (MLTs).
  • Students are responsible for arranging and paying for their own certification exams.
  • Placement is not paid and is not a co-op. You pay tuition and the costs for living in your placement area.
  • Your police check, CPR and First Aid must be in date for placement so the best time to do this is 4th semester, right before your clinical placement.
  • Clinical placement is 2 semesters and consists of the entire 3rd year of the program. You may be placed anywhere in Ontario and placement is by random draw. The program arranges placement so that the necessary competencies are met.
  • Look at the program website…it contains valuable information on course descriptions, program requirements, and information about the profession.
  • Use of email and program resources such as the Blackboard Learning Platform is essential to good communication while in the program.
  • There is no “Fast-Track” for university students/other post-secondary program; credits may be transferable but it will take 3 years to complete the program if you start in 1st semester.

Contact Us

Any questions about the program? Contact the program coordinator:

Robin McAvoy

613-544-5400, ext. 1468

Any questions about admissions and applying? Contact the recruiting team: