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The Q&A below will help you prepare for the upcoming fall semester. The information confirms details for courses beginning in September and ending in December and applies to first year and returning students. Please note if you are a student in a program that was deferred from spring/summer semester, click here for your program information. 

Questions Related to the Fall Semester 

How will my program be delivered? 

For September 2020, programs will be delivered by a mix of alternative methods – meaning some programs could have virtual or web-based courses, on-campus portions to classes, distanced group and teamwork, and more. The list of programs is here and more specific information for each program will be available soon.

Where do I get course materials and a student card if I can’t come to campus? 

Specific requirements for your courses and how to get a student card will be shared closer to September.  

When will my program start? 

Your course-specific information will be uploaded on your student portal closer to September. It is good to note that fall semester orientation events will begin in August leading up to an opportunity for you to virtually meet your Faculty and learn more about your program on September 8th. Classes start September 9th. More information on these events will be sent shortly.

Will there be an orientation for first-year students?  

Yes! First-year students will be welcomed to SLC through an online orientation that introduces students to College services, academic success supports, engagement events, and your Student Governments, in a fun and interactive way that includes games and prizes! First-year students will be shipped an orientation box, packed with SWAG and can begin participating in virtual orientation events in August. Watch the College social media channels, this FAQ, the URSLC Engagement App, and your student email for more details.

What about activities for returning students?

There will also be virtual re-orientation events for ALL St. Lawrence College students. Service areas like Healthy Living, Libraries, and IT (just to name a few) will be offering multiple live virtual sessions to provide you with information on services and resources, and also, to learn about how they can best support you as you begin the Fall semester.

How will I know what to do the first day of classes? 

You will receive instructions on accessing your course information using Blackboard, the college’s learning management system. This is the “home base” for all courses, regardless of delivery method.  

I am confused and want to talk to someone. Who do I contact? 

No problem, the SLC team is here to help. If your question is specific to your program content or courses, please contact your program coordinator. For general questions about student services or student life, the Student Services team is available Monday to Friday, 8 to 4 p.m. via live chat. Details can be found here

Will I have to pay as much if my course is not on campus? 

We can confirm that tuition will remain the same, and there will be no additional fees charged for virtual or alternate delivery. Ancillary fees are being reviewed and adjusted to reflect changes to available services. 

I’m unsure about how to get ready for my semester, where can I find more information?  

Starting or returning to college can be overwhelming and we are here to help. For general information visit our student checklist page. For specific questions about enrolling in a program book a digital advisement appointment with our recruitment team here.

What do I need for my courses at SLC?

Your individual program requirements will be confirmed shortly, but we recommend people have a computer and wifi access for their courses. Materials and your student learning platform are not optimized for mobile devices and can require significant amounts of bandwidth to access.

Questions Related to Coming to Campus 

Please note specific information about what you will need to know prior to coming to campus will be shared closer to September. All plans for return to campus have been developed based on recommendations from the public health unit. The following addresses a few details intended to help students begin to prepare.   

My program has a lab component. What do I need to know for coming to campus? 

You will receive instructions on what is required for you to come to campus well in advance of September. They will be sent to your student email. Please note there will be limitations on the number of people on campus, to ensure proper physical distancing can take place. Only people with a pre-arranged course requirement like labs will be permitted campus access.  

What services will be open on campus?  

Information is coming soon regarding what services will be on-campus and what is available virtually. Our services and academic supports are currently web-based, click here for more information.  

Do I have to leave campus when my lab/class is complete?  

We will be asking people not to gather or linger on campus around their classes and labs, to ensure physical distancing is maintained. Certain spaces on campus will be off-limits to reduce the amount of daily cleaning that is required. As we draw nearer to September and based on input from the province and public health, this could change and would be communicated to the SLC community.  

Will campus be safe for me? 

SLC can assure people that precautions including physical distancing, stringent cleaning, and other protective measures are being planned for the fall semester to help keep our campus safe. We will be asking people to self-assess prior to visiting campus, and anyone who suspects they are ill or who has symptoms will not be in the building. Hand-washing protocols and stations will be highlighted throughout the parts of campus that are being used, and the reduced number of people on campus will allow people to properly socially distance in academic settings.  

General Questions

When will my program return to campus? Will I have to take web-based courses for the whole year?

This information only pertains to the fall semester running September to December. If your program is being delivered via alternative means for the fall, it does not mean that it will continue that way for the rest of the year. Decisions about future semesters will be made based on public health measures and guidance. 

What are my options if I don’t want to learn via alternative delivery?

We strongly recommend students evaluate the cost of losing a semester in their academic journey. While this situation is not what anyone expected, the fall semester experience is going to be the same high-quality education SLC is known for – delivered in new ways. Students will be making progress by starting or continuing school in September and will be fully supported by faculty and the SLC team. 

I heard programs are not running. Could my program be cancelled?

The small number of students registered in a program that was redirected have been contacted and know how to continue their studies. SLC looks forward to welcoming all students, first-year and returning to the start of a new school year in September! Please visit our fall semester page for more information and a list of programs.

How do I get my credential from SLC (final version, or a replacement)?

  •  The processing of paper credentials has been delayed. Digital credentials have been sent to students via email.
  • Credentials will be processed and sent by mail to the home address listed in as soon as it is safe to be back on campus.
  • Credentials can be sent to either a domestic or international address.
  • You can access and print an unofficial transcript, which will indicate completed credential information, in
  • If you require a letter from the College confirming your program completion at SLC, please complete this request form on our website and email it to :

How do I get an official transcript?

  • Transcripts are currently being processed remotely. Any requests will be fulfilled by email with an unofficial transcript and a Transcript Validation letter. By collaborative agreement, these are being accepted by post-secondary institutions.
  • Requests for transcripts to be sent to other post-secondary institutions or workplaces can be made by completing the transcript request form. Please include the recipient’s email address. Return the form directly to
  • Note: If you previously submitted a Transcript Request for “Send after Semester: Winter (Send May)” or “Send after Graduate Credential is posted”, please resubmit the form by email to
  • Current students can access and print an unofficial transcript in
  • Current students can access and print a Verification of Enrollment in