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The Joyce Family Foundation Ed Lumley Bursary
Available to entrance students who are applying directly out of high school or have been out of high school no longer the one year. Applicants must reside in the three communities and counties surrounding St. Lawrence College’s campuses. Applicants must be able to demonstrate financial need and be willing to seek out a mentor which they will report on yearly. See Media Release

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is eligible for this bursary?

Students must be entering their first year of a multi-year program at any St. Lawrence College campus. You must be coming to SLC directly after high school, or within one year of your high school graduation. Your hometown must be one of the three cities (Kingston, Brockville and Cornwall) or three counties (Frontenac, Leeds & Grenville and Stormont Dundas and Glengarry) that surround our campuses. TIP: when filling out the online form, do not forget to fill out your permanent address, which is usually your parent’s home.

How do I apply? And when will I find out whether I receive it or not?

Fill out the online application form. There is only one application for all bursaries, and you will be considered for all of the bursaries for which you are eligible. You will be notified by email and mail only if you are selected to receive any bursary. Our goal is to apply the bursary in time for the tuition payment deadline in July.

How much is the bursary and how is it paid?

Like all bursaries and scholarships at St. Lawrence College, the bursary is applied directly to your tuition. As an endowed bursary, the amount awarded will vary from year-to-year depending on the investment of the endowment. The bursary will not exceed $3,000.

If I get the bursary for my first year, will I automatically get it for second, third or fourth years of my program?

As part of the terms of the bursary, you must seek out a mentor and file a report by March 30 every year in order to re-qualify.

What is a mentor and how do I find one?

A mentor can be a faculty member, staff, peer or anyone in your circle who can provide guidance, advice and be a sounding board for you as you navigate your academic career. If you are selected to receive a Joyce Family Foundation Ed Lumley bursary, you will be asked to sign an agreement that says you will seek a mentor. We will provide you with some advice on who that may be.

I’m taking a one year program. Am I eligible?

No. This bursary is a renewable bursary, which means it will follow student recipients through all the years of your academic career at SLC, and therefore, one-year programs do not qualify.

I’ve started one program, but plan to switch to another. Will I be eligible for that program?

No. You must have either graduated from high school, or taken one year off before attending SLC to be eligible.

If I receive the bursary but then decide to switch my program, will I get it for my new program?

A re-application would be considered, depending on the individual’s circumstances and the broader status of the bursary (ie number of eligible applicants, funds available)

Questions? Contact the awards office at
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