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UR SLC is the official St. Lawrence College platform for all Student Engagement outside the classroom.


  • Campus Activities, Events, & Maps
  • Co-Curricular Record (CCR)
  • College Services, Supports, and Resources
  • Clubs
  • Direct/Group Messaging
  • Peer Discussion Boards
  • Personal agenda
  • and much more!

How do I Download the UR SLC app?

What is my Login & Password for UR SLC?

  • Username: Username or SLC Email Address
  • Password: password


How do I setup my profile the first time I login?

  • Login with your login & password
  • Follow the steps and choose the campus you are attending
  • Setup your profile (optional)
    • Add a profile pic, link social media, etc.
    • Add your Outlook calendar
    • Add other students as you contacts


What other Important UR SLC Info should I know?

  • Only current active students have access to UR SLC
  • Your date of birth is only visible to you
  • First Year Students
    • Access to UR SLC is given 24-48 hours after your non-refundable deposit is received
  • Forgot your Username or Password?
  • UR SLC is an engagement platform, if you add an event to your agenda all students will be able to see
    • To use UR SLC but not disclose which events you are attending - turn on Invisible mode under Settings


What if I have questions or issues with UR SLC?