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Purpose of the Test Centre

The Test Centre is intended to only be used by students registered with Student Wellness & Accessibility for approved academic accommodations and by students making up tests with faculty approval. Students must inform faculty of their intention to write in the Test Centre.

  • Make-up and missed tests for fewer than 5 students per class*
  • Test Centre is not an alternate site for regular classroom tests
  • Test Centre is not to be used for reviewing or storing tests
  • The Test Centre is not responsible for printing, copying, or assembling tests or test materials and instructions.

* Consider Alternative Testing Methods: If an alternative can be used for missed/make-up testing please explore this option to relieve the congestion in the testing centre.


Test Scheduling Requirements

The Test Centre is required to meet the needs of students with Academic Accommodations. Due to space and staffing availability, faculty must coordinate exam scheduling with each Test Centre directly.

Brockville & Cornwall:

Faculty are responsible for emailing all test dates to the Test Centre at the beginning of each semester. This ensures that Test Centre staff are aware and prepared for students on testing dates. Faculty are also responsible for notifying the Test Centre of any date changes for testing.


Cornwall Campus Contact:

Brockville Campus Contact:    


Kingston Test Centre:

Due to limited seats and computers, we require faculty notify the Test Centre at least one week in advance, or earlier, if possible, of a test that may meet any of the following criteria:

  • More than 10 students requiring the Test Centre at a specified time
  • More than 3 students requiring computer-based tests in the Test Centre
  • Total testing time may exceed the operating hours of the Test Centre

This will allow us to ensure staffing, overflow classroom bookings and extra computers are arranged.

Kingston Test Centre Contact:

Requesting Classroom Proctors

Test Centres provide a variety of testing services to internal and external clients. The Test Centre may help coordinate staffing for additional proctoring needs of academic departments in exceptional circumstances. Priority staffing is to meet the needs of students with academic accommodations. Requests for non-accommodated classroom proctoring should be made to the Test Centre at the beginning of each semester for consideration.

Test Centre Rules & Academic Integrity

The Test Centres tri-campus follow consistent best practices for ensuring academic integrity. Test Centre Rules are enforced, in addition to specific faculty instructions and the SLC Academic Integrity Policy (Policy AC831, SLC Academic Policy Manual).

Test Centre Rules

Specific Procedures for Faculty for each campus are located on the Intranet.