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Therapy Assistance Online Mental Health

What is TAO

A Therapy Assistance Online (TAO) is digital platform with Mobile app designed to support your well-being. Whether you are struggling with relationship challenges, sadness, pain management, substance abuse, or other stressors, TAO empowers you to take charge of your life. TAO consists of educational modules, videos, interactive exercises, mindfulness library, practice tools, progress measures, and numerous resources that help with understanding and modifying thought patterns and learning healthy ways to manage life’s stressors. It can be used on its own to support mental health, or in conjunction with counselling.

TAO is available to students, staff, and faculty of St. Lawrence College. 

TAO is Designed for You

Stressed out? Looking to address bad habits? Need help with time management? Going through a bad breakup? TAO can help!

TAO is an online suite of tools meant to teach life skills, build resilience, and encourage positive growth. TAO’s evidence-based educational modules are comprised of brief videos, interactive games, and mindfulness exercises meant to help you recognize and confront negative thoughts and behaviors. With just 15 minutes a day on your phone, tablet, or computer you will be on your way towards achieving optimum wellness in your life.

Self Screening Tool

TAO Self screening tool

This screening will ask you a few questions in each area and provide some feedback along with some ideas about next steps you can take.

TAO Online Screening

Here Are The Steps to Get Started in TAO

1.       Create Account

2.       Go to login page of TAO here.

3.       Enter your name and SLC email address on the enrollment form

4.       Leave the Enrollment Key field blank. Fill out the confidential demographics and Informed Consent form and click ‘Sign me up!’

5.      Log In

6.      Go to this link and enter your SLC email address

7.      You will be redirected to the SLC login page

TAO Modules - Click here to download a list of modules. 

You can use TAO on any web platform, or you can download the app from

Google PLAY App Store