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Students that are registered with Student Wellness & Accessibility may be eligible for alternative format textbooks based on their disability. If you are eligible, you will need to submit a request for the textbooks that you require in alternative format every semester.

Steps to request:

1. Complete this request form for alternative format textbooks. Form For Alternative Textbook Requests.

As part of completing this form, you will be asked to:

2. Upload a copy of your SLC booklist.

This can be found by logging into the student portal, On your Homepage, you will find a link near the top of the page titled: "PLEASE USE THIS LINK TO VIEW BOOKLISTS." Search the booklists by campus and semester. This is a document you can download and then submit with the alternative textbook request form.

3. Upload your receipt or proof of purchase for any textbooks that you require in alternative format.

If you do NOT have your book receipt, bring your book(s) and booklist to the campus location (see below for campus info) to show proof of purchase. You will receive a stamp and signature in your book, which you can take a photo of and upload as your proof of purchase.
Hard copies of the form can be obtained in the Assistive Technology Computer Lab – Kingston Campus, Room 00490. Bring your booklist and book receipts or books to complete your request if you plan to submit a hard copy form.
If you need assistance, please contact the Altmedia Technician at, or phone 613-544-5400, ext. 1636, or visit your campus contact below.

Assistive Technology Computer Lab

100 Portsmouth Avenue
Kingston, Ontario K7L 5A6
Room 00490
Phone: 613-544-5400,
ext. 1636

Student Wellness & Accessibility Office

2288 Parkedale Avenue
Brockville, Ontario K6V 5X3
Room 100
Phone: 613-345-0660,
ext. 3154 or ext. 3111

Student Wellness & Accessibility Office

2 St. Lawrence Drive
Cornwall, Ontario K6H 4Z1
Room M1460
Phone: 613-933-6080,
ext. 2202