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Inspiration is software that is designed to help visual learners. It allows students to take ideas, words, and concepts; and associate them with images. Students are able to use graphic organizers, diagrams, concept mapping, and graphing to organize their thoughts. The software enables visual learners to better analyze information, integrate new knowledge, and think critically. 


 Introductory Tutorials  Advanced Tutorials  
 Inspiration an Overview  How to use links & Connectors
 An introduction to creating diagrams  Attaching text & audio notes
How to use graphics and the symbols Library   Hyperlinking in Inspiration
 Formatting backgrounds & the word guide

If you have any questions about the software listed here, please contact your campus Accessibility Office.

Kingston 613-544-5400 ext. 5504
Brockville 613-345-0660 ext. 3154 or ext. 3111
Cornwall 613-933-6080 ext. 2202