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Adaptive Technology Services

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Adaptive or Assistive Technology (AT) is a generic term that includes any piece of equipment or software that is used to increase efficiency, maintain function, or improve the capability of individuals with disabilities. AT is used to achieve greater independence while compensating for any functional deficits.

The Adaptive Technologists work closely with the Counsellors/Accessibility Advisors in supporting students with disabilities. After a referral, students may see an Adaptive Technologist for:

- An AT assessment and/or review of existing AT
- Assistance with the ordering / purchasing process
- On-going training and troubleshooting needs

Adaptive Technology Training Modules 

Our Kingston, Brockville, and Cornwall campuses have full-time staff that support student with disabilities and faculty in a collaborative and encouraging manner. Students with temporary or permanent disabilities or functional limitations can access individually designed supports, personal counseling and accommodations to meet their academic and placement needs. SLC's goal is to address the attitudinal, informational, communication, technological,organizational, and physical barriers that can hinder the success of students with disabilities as they strive to achieve their educational, personal and career goals.

SLC embraces the legal and ethical rights to equal opportunity and freedom from discrimination for individuals with disabilities as noted under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms (1982), the Ontario Human Rights Code (1990) and the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (2005), particularly as it applies to our students.  

The following links take you to another browser window which will open a Youtube video on the SLC AT Library channel. This Youtube Channel hosts a wide variety of training videos. Please feel free to browse through all of these videos if you feel they will be helpful.

Link to SLC Adaptive Technology Youtube Channel

If you have any questions about the software listed here, please contact your campus Accessibility Office.

Kingston 613-544-5400 ext. 5504
Brockville 613-345-0660 ext. 3154 or ext. 3111
Cornwall 613-933-6080 ext. 2202