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An academic accommodation is an educational practice, system, or support service designed to equalize the opportunity of a person with a disability in meeting essential requirements of achieving the documented learning outcomes of a course or program. It can be a change in the typical way a student is expected to learn, complete assignments or take part in class. Accommodations include things like alternative reading formats or physical changes to the classroom.

St. Lawrence College accommodates students with temporary or permanent disabilities as defined in Section 10 (1) of the Ontario Human Rights Code, 1990. Accommodations are based on the functional limitations associated with a student’s disability, which interfere with their academic functioning, as well as, tailored to correspond with the specific program requirements. Students who receive accommodations must still meet the essential course and program requirements in order to be successful. Accommodations provided to our students with disabilities ensure access, not success, and do not provide an advantage - they simply "level the playing field."

For more information, refer to the Academic Accommodations for Students with Disabilities Policy (pdf)

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