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Trust your instinct, if you notice disturbing or disruptive behaviour on campus, let us know. 

All information shared within the BIT will remain confidential to the greatest extent possible, subject to the college’s obligation to investigate, follow up, and involve key stakeholders.

If you believe that the individual is at risk of imminent harm to themselves or someone else, call 911 immediately.


You should contact the BIT if you notice the following behaviours of concern in someone within the SLC community:

   Behaviours that regularly interfere with classroom environment and management.

   Verbal or physical aggression.


   Significant change in appearance, mood and/or social functioning

   Destruction of property.

   Actions that potentially impact the safety of anyone in the SLC community.


   Inappropriate, strange, or unusual behaviours.

   Written or verbal statements endorsing violence.

   Written or verbal threats, direct or indirect, to self or others.

   Expression of suicidal thoughts, suicidal gestures/behaviours.

   Behaviour that violates the Student Code of Conduct