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If you are having difficulty in one or more of your courses, the Peer Tutoring Program may be of benefit to you. Peer Tutors provide practice and review of course material to help students enhance their understanding of the course content.

Peer Tutoring is available for most courses in most programs but is subject to Peer Tutor availability.

On the Kingston campus, Peer Tutors may work individually or with small groups of students. Peer Tutoring is a paid Student Bursary position. Peer Tutors may opt to accumulate hours towards a Student Life Credit instead of being paid.

Students who are strong academically in their courses may be interested in becoming a Peer Tutor. Peer Tutors should possess excellent communication skills and a friendly, helpful attitude. The rewards of becoming a Peer Tutor include extra income, excellent experience, reinforcement of your own knowledge and the satisfaction of helping others.

If you are interested in receiving Peer Tutoring or would like to become a Peer Tutor yourself, please learn more by visiting the Peer Tutoring page specific to the campus you are attending or contact your campus' Student Success Facilitator.