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First Generation at St. Lawrence College logoChallenges are a part of life - but we're here to help you face them head on!

  • Having sufficient funds for College and living expenses
  • Missing a “roadmap” as to how the College system works in order to complete all relevant processes from application to graduation
  • Discovering and accessing the College’s resources and services
  • Juggling school, work, and home responsibilities in order to be successful
  • Coping with all aspects of College life - academic, social, emotional, financial
  • And more

If you as a First Generation student ask for help, you are more likely to be successful not only in your studies, but also in juggling your entire life.  While not all First Generation students need support, help is available.

How do I get support?


We have a huge variety of workshops, some but not all are listed below. They are completely free, informal and offered numerous times throughout the semester. Here are some potential workshop topics - watch your email for details on the next offering

  • Budgeting 
  • Concentration & Memory Tips 
  • Creating Presentations 
  • Note Taking
  • Presentation Skills/Dress for Success
  • Procrastination/Time Management
  • Stress Management
  • Study Skills/Test Taking
  • Textbook Reading Strategies

Support Services

Aboriginal Supports are available to all Aboriginal students (proof of status not required) including connecting with community resources, assisting with band funding, and much more!

Counselling & AccessAbility Services provides short-term counselling, academic accommodations and other supports for students who identify as struggling with personal issues and/or as a student with a learning, physical or mental health disability.   

Student Success Facilitiators (SSF) provide support and resources to help you achieve your academic and personal goals. These include adjusting to College life, finding College resources, obtaining a peer tutor, understanding how to develop the academic skills you will need, and more.

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