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Congratulations on taking this journey!

Are you a First Generation Student?

If you are a St. Lawrence College full-time or part-time student whose parents or guardians did not attend college, university, or an apprenticeship program, you are part of our First Generation Student communities. Any siblings may have attended/be attending a post-secondary education program.

First Generation services has now expanded to serve a more diverse student population! We will still continue to serve First Generation students but with a larger focus on all individuals needing extra support to succeed at college. SLC’s FG program is now STRIVE. Check out our STRIVE page to see if you would benefit from our new program!

Who is considered a Parent or Guardian?

Parent(s) and/or Guardian(s) are individuals who are legally responsible for the care of the student.

My brother and/or sister went to Post-Secondary, am I still a First Generation student?

Absolutely! Being First Generation is solely based on your parent/guardian attendance to post-secondary.

How do I confirm I'm a First Generation Student?

It's Easy! 
There are a few different ways

  1. When you applied, you checked off First Generation Student on your Ontario Colleges application
  2. Email and let us know you're a First Generation Student

Contact Us – Visit our new STRIVE page

The STRIVE team at St. Lawrence College is here to support you through the initial transition to College all the way to graduation!  We are a mix of First Generation and non-First Generation staff with a wide variety of expertise to help you navigate and succeed at SLC.