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International Students – Immunizations

You may have already received some of the required vaccines in your home country. You MUST get this record from your home health clinic or hospital.

Immunizations - Communicable Disease

Completion of the IMMUNIZATION - COMMUNICABLE DISEASE FORM is a MANDATORY condition for laboratory/practical placements for many programs at St. Lawrence College. Instructions on how to complete the Forms and where to submit documents are provided on page one of all Immunization-Communicable Disease Forms.

from your program.                              

Step 2: Complete the requirements and submit the form. This form is your responsibility.

Please book an appointment with your primary health care provider to have your immunizations done. Questions regarding completion of this form can be submitted to:

Note: Full-time students’ coverage for vaccines received on or after September 1, can be claimed under the Student Sickness & Accident Insurance Plan.