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International Students – Immunizations

You may have already received some of the required vaccines in your home country. You MUST get this record from your home health clinic or hospital.

Immunizations - Communicable Disease

Completion of the IMMUNIZATION - COMMUNICABLE DISEASE FORM is a MANDATORY condition for laboratory/practical placements for many programs at St. Lawrence College. Instructions on how to complete the Forms and where to submit documents are provided on page one of all Immunization-Communicable Disease Forms.

from your program.                              

Step 2: Complete the requirements and submit the form. This form is your responsibility.

Nurse(s) are available, by appointment, to review immunization records with a student. Vaccines are available at the Kingston Campus Health Centre and be administered by a nurse while physicians are on site. Questions regarding completion of this form can be submitted to:

Note: Full-time students’ coverage for vaccines received on or after September 1, can be claimed under the Student Sickness & Accident Insurance Plan. 

Most vaccines are funded by the Ontario Public Health for domestic students. The following vaccinations have associated charges:

Hepatitis B - $40.00 / dose

Rabies - $250.00 / dose, $750.00 for complete series of 3 doses

A waiting period of 20 minutes is required after each vaccine injection.