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Welcome! #ProudtobeSLC

Welcome to St. Lawrence College! We're excited to have you with us!

Join us virtually for the Fall 2020 Orientation Programming.  Find more details in your student email and on the UR SLC app.


Orientation Day - Meet your Faculty! 
Tuesday September 8th - 10am Eastern Standard Time
Join us for your Program Specific live session where you'll:

  • Meet your Coordinator, Faculty, and other Classmates
  • Learn the program expectations
  • Find out how your program is running for Fall 2020
  •  Have some virtual fun too!

Don't see your question below?


1. Is Orientation Day Mandatory?

It is STRONGLY recommended you attend the Meet your Faculty program session

If you miss Orientation day, you will miss very important information regarding your program especially during this unique Fall 2020 semester

2. What applications will I need for Orientation Day?

  1. Microsoft TEAMS 
    1. Log in with your SLC username & password
      DO NOT use a personal email, or you won't have access to Orientation
  2. UR SLC, our Student Engagement App
    1. Log in with your SLC username & password
Mobile Devices

Microsoft Teams and UR SLC are found on the App Store or Google Play

Microsoft Teams - CLICK HERE for the steps to download MS Office for Free

3. Do I need to register for Orientation Day?

No need to register, just click and go!
Be sure you have UR SLC & Microsoft Teams

4. How do I join my Orientation Day Program Specific Session?

  • Log into UR SLC
  • Click the RESOURCES Tab
  • Click ORIENTATION DAY - Sept 8 @10am EST
  • Choose your Campus
  • Scroll down and click YOUR program Session
  • Click VIEW ALL under LINKS if you don't see your program

I don't have space or don't own a mobile device, how can I use UR SLC
Don't worry!  We have a UR SLC desktop version that all students have access too
  • Log into
  • Click the UR SLC icon at the bottom of
    • Log in with your SLC username & password
  • Click RESOURCES on the left 
  • Click the Orientation Day - Sept 8 @10am EST folder
  • Choose your Campus
  • Click your Program Session link
Microsoft Teams will open up directly to staff who can help find your program Orientation session


6. Can I test my program link before Tuesday?

Yes!  Once the links are available you'll be able to click them and open up your program room. 

This will ensure you can find your program on UR SLC and that Microsoft Teams is set up properly for you to join
The links will be available soon! Keep in mind that no one will be in the Teams meeting until Tuesday September 8th at 10am EST

7. It's September 8th - Help! I can't find my program session!

Join our Lost? Questions? Teams room 
Microsoft Teams will open up directly to staff who can help direct you to your program Orientation session 


Online Orientation 
Available Now!
Online Orientation has interactive modules for you to learn all about SLC! 

  • Log into
  • Click Blackboard
  • Click Online Orientation under My Courses

Complete all the Online Orientation modules and final quiz by Tuesday September 8th and be entered to win one of three $250 gift cards!  


Re-Orientation - New & Returning Student should participate
Live Sessions were presented from August 24th - September 4th
Don't worry! You can Re-Watch on UR SLC!

With 2020 bringing us new opportunities, we invite you to Re-Orientation to learn how you can access the various services and supports that SLC has to offer and to ask any real-time questions.

What is Re-Orientation?
Virtual Sessions to prepare you for academic success, personalized supports, and re-introduce you to our SLC Community

How do I RE-WATCH?
UR SLC app!

  1. Log into UR SLC
  2. Click the Resources tab at the bottom
  3. Click Re-Orientation Re-Watch
  4. Find & Click the Session
  5. Microsoft Teams will open up to the session 
    *Be sure you are logged into Microsoft Teams with your SLC email - a personal email will not allow you to re-watch these sessions



Email us!

For all details regarding Orientation download our SLC App, UR SLC on 
Google Play or the App Store
UR SLC connects you to all orientation info, campus events, activities, and much more from your first year to graduation! How to download here! 
Any questions or Issues email us at