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Davies Hall, Foyer, Student Services, Innovation Hub and Student Association Games Room

This renovation involves approximately 22,314ft2 of existing space. New flooring in the foyer, updated information hub, refinished stairs refinished and potentially the airlock doors redone. The Davies Hall renovation will involve placing new electric access throughout the floor, replacing carpet, painting, installation of a new stair case, replacement of the moveable glass door between the library and Davies Hall with a glass wall and door with the addition of an access point, removal of the Fireside Room and installation of four study rooms, and a new IT wiring closet. Student Services will be renovated with the removal of sections of the wall and replacement with glass, and the installation of a retractable glass wall, carpets replaced, office space reconfigured, and the integration of Career Services within that space. The renovation of the second floor of the Student Association space will involve the creation of a new Innovation hub, complete with offices and collaboration space, and a new games room. The Student Association work will involve demolition and the construction of new walls and spaces.

Estimated Area: 22,314 ft2