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What Can I Expect?

CAAT D Assessments are designed to access the student’s current skill level in English and Math. It is used as a benchmark to allow Admissions to determine what level of College Preparation is needed for the student. It is also used to determine whether the student meets the required prerequisites prior to starting their program and whether any College Preparation courses are needed for entry. Students can expect to write their CAAT D Assessment in timed intervals. For instance, the English portion of the assessment is broken into four different categories, each given their own allotted time. Please note that the assessment is entirely multiple-choice and there will be no written answers required.

Booking Your CAAT D Assessment

Please contact your Test Centre in order to book an appointment to write your CAAT D Assessment. Note that photo ID is required to write your assessment and a registration form will be completed upon arrival. Also, students should be aware of the $25.00 assessment fee to be paid before they begin. Click here to view Test Centre contact information and hours of operation.

Results & Assessment Feedback

The feedback for your CAAT D assessment will be delivered to you via e-mail within 5-10 business days. Staff from the College Preparation department or Admissions may also contact you via telephone (if e-mail contact is not provided). *Please note that your Test Centre does not provide results or feedback.