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Dragon Naturally Speaking is a program that allows the student to enter data (type) using voice recognition. The student speaks and the computer types the content. This program requires voice training and may be appropriate for students with challenges related to written organizational skills, spelling challenges, or fine motor skills challenges.

 Dragon Naturally Speaking Manual (PDF)
 Dragon Naturally Speaking guide 

 Dragon Naturally Speaking - Level 1   Dragon Naturally Speaking - Level 2
 Getting Started  The Dragon Sidebar & Help Feature
 Dragon NS Interactive tutorial  Basic Dictation and Command Functions
 Creating a New User & Microphone  Importing and Exporting, Managing User Profiles
 Speaking: Training Voice Recognition  
 Training & Adapting Voice Files
 Microphone Settings & The Dragon Bar  


If you have any questions about the software listed here, please contact your campus Accessibility Office.

Kingston 613-544-5400 ext. 5504
Brockville 613-345-0660 ext. 3154 or ext. 3111
Cornwall 613-933-6080 ext. 2202