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The Institute of Technology Carlow (IT Carlow) is one of Ireland’s most popular third level educational institutions and offers St. Lawrence College graduates with a comparatively affordable opportunity to upskill their qualifications.


Studies show that a period spent abroad enriches students’ lives in the academic field and leads to increased intercultural skills and self-reliance which can help to boost your employability upon graduation.


IT Carlow offers prospective students:

  • A great location! We are centrally located within the South East of Ireland which gives students a great base and provides opportunities for students to explore Ireland and Europe.
  • Opportunity for St. Lawrence College graduates to potentially upskill their qualifications into an internationally recognised degree or postgraduate qualification within an accelerated timeframe.
  • 93% employment rate for graduates rising to 96% within six months of graduation.
  • Safe, modern and compact campus with a wide range of student services and facilities to ensure a positive study experience.
  • Small class sizes which gives you relaxed access to our lecturers and offers you with an enhanced opportunity to get to know your classmates.
  • Diverse student population that helps to improve your global outlook exposes you to students from different cultures. IT Carlow has students from over 70 international destinations.
  • A wide range of clubs and societies which gives you opportunities to indulge your interests and try out new activities.


SLC programs with agreements with IT Carlow: