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The second year Paramedic students recently spent a day training with the Cornwall Fire Department at their station on Second Street for Fire Extrication Day 2014.

Paramedic Students train with Cornwall Fire Dept.

For the morning portion, the class was split into 3 groups.  One group attended safety talks given byParamedic Students train with Cornwall Fire Dept. firefighters in relation to safety while working at motor vehicle accidents such as air bags, bumper hazards and electric hybrid cars. A second group was familiarized with fire trucks at the station and the apparatus carried on the vehicles that could be used in extrication and rescue situations. The third group was outside in the parking lot putting out small propane fires with fire extinguishers and had an opportunity at handling a fire hose as well.

After lunch with the fire crew, the firefighters and paramedic students returned to the parking lot for a staged motor vehicle accident. A donated van and small car were crashed together and paramedic student got to play of roles of trapped victims, bystanders and paramedic rescuers. The fire crew then demonstrated how they would assist them by using special power tools to obtain access.

"It was valuable training day, that we have been doing here with the Cornwall Fire Department for 7 years." said Paramedic program coordinator Daniel Shannon.