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This is a very good program that combines the music and art worlds.  I was pleased with the variety of things I learned and the performance side I developed.  This program is a pleasant yet challenging experience.

N. Lebrun 2004,  
Teacher at É.S.C. Marie-Rivier, Piano Teacher at Lauzon Music and Ottawa Pianos & Keyboards

The vision for the Digital Arts for Musicians program is on the cutting edge of today's music and visual arts. This program helped me out tremendously. I was accepted into the Musicians Institute in Hollywood, California and am using the skills that I learned at St. Lawrence College to the fullest.

Vanja Andrin, 2005

If it were not for the Digital Arts for Musicians program, I would not be on the path I am now. Acceptance into Queen’s School of Music was a “dream come true” for me. Never in my life have I had such a feeling of accomplishment!

M. Hodgson, 2006

During my post grad course in film I utilized many of the things I had learned from the MDM program – including multimedia aspects for editing, music theory for sound design and soundtrack writing, and art history for promotional art work for the films.

Rob Rines, 2006

The program exceeded my expectations. It really helped me become a well-rounded self-sufficient musician and enriched my musical life significantly.  I have a much greater understanding of the musical world around me and I am better than ever able to listen and express myself musically.

E. Solarski 2007, singer, songwriter

I transferred to Carleton University. My music theory was above where I needed it, as well as my knowledge of History and Ear Training. I left SLC knowing what it takes to be a full-time student and the amount of work and dedication it takes to complete a program and the intense workload that comes along with it.

The faculty work very hard for the students. For someone who wants to gain knowledge [of] music and various forms of art and digital art, this program would be of great benefit.

J. Holmes 2008

The program gave me the opportunity to find my career path.  I was also pushed to experiment and try new things.

  • American Design Award 2009 - one of the top 19 applicants of 381 entries
  • American Design Award in 2010 Winter Semi-Annual Design Contest – one of 54 out of 1888 entries

Shane Collier 2008, photographer

The variety of media related subjects we studied in the program is the reason why and how I got a gig in this field. 

What I gained from MDM has been put to use!

S. Furlone 2012

I am using my Music and Digital Media skills in the real world.

S. Elmer 2011

I would like to express my thanks for how many doors MDM opened for me. I had the chance of working in multi media and now I'm working on my own business as well as applying for AESP  (aboriginal enriched support program) at Carleton.

S. McGregor 2012