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Brooke Miller's Wedding Daze

Congratulations on your new business! Did you always know you’d like to be an entrepreneur?

Thank you! I haven’t always thought as myself as an entrepreneur, I can remember while I was in college thinking I was going to be wearing a suit and going to work in a high-rise, corporate office in Toronto, but I am very happy where I am now. After working for a couple of small local companies, I learned a lot about the aspects of a small business or a family run business and then my wheels began to turn. When the opportunity to purchase a small business that caters to a niche market came about, I decided I was ready to take the next step to becoming an entrepreneur. It is a big step, but it is a lot of fun, and you learn so much running all aspects of the business.

The wedding business is really more than a business – you’re an important part of your client’s life for that special day. What’s your strategy for keeping your cool in the sometimes chaotic world of weddings?

Each bride is different, some are very excited and outspoken, and some are very quiet and calm. You have to get an understanding of each customer when they come by asking a few simple questions.

What advice have you received that has stuck with you the most, and who gave it to you?

Now that I am in business for myself, and in the retail world, I would have to say that Bill Crowe sticks in my mind! He always used to say “We are in the people business, and by the way we sell goods and services”. This definitely applies to my new life and sometimes I need to remind myself that wedding gown shopping is a major experience and these women want to be comfortable and enjoy their time in my shop, no matter what my day has been like.

What subject do you wish you paid more attention to when you were in College?

I would have to say I should have paid more attention, or taken more accounting/bookkeeping related classes. But I am learning quickly and it is good to be challenged every day.

What’s the best ‘insider tip’ you can give a soon-to-be bride or groom?

Go with what you want! Sometimes girls bring in their entourage of family and friends and don’t get the reaction they hope for. If you are wearing the dress, you decide if it is the right dress for you!

Excerpted from Voyageur Magazine