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Meet Nikisha Grant a Biotechnology Technologist, graduate from 2007. One of our many grads following their dreams.

Laboratory Technologist, School of Environmental Studies, Queen’s University

What do you do?

I work in an Aquatic Ecosystem Health Laboratory. Here we analyze samples including fish, water, soil, sediment and hair for Mercury and other metals. I run and maintain the machines that we use in the labs. I also ensure that everyday activities in the labs run smoothly, that we have all equipment and supplies in stock. I also help any of the grad or undergrad students, as well as my employer, with any analyses they have to perform.

What do you like best about your work?

I love that I am still learning new things. I have learned about new analysis techniques and new information that I never knew about in school. It is great that while working I can still be learning.

What did you learn at SLC that has been most beneficial in your current job?

Everything I learned at SLC has been beneficial at my current job. One major thing I learned is to be able to troubleshoot when an experiment goes wrong. There have been times when that has happened at my job and I have to try to determine if it is the equipment or my procedure that is wrong. Being put in this exact situation in class at SLC had made me prepared for this in the workplace.

Excerpted from Voyageur Magazine