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The Laurentian University BBA program offered at St Lawrence College in Kingston is the best of both worlds. The small class sizes allowed for a superior learning environment and an incredible support system. The relationships I was able to build with my professors in this program would come second to none. As a transfer student from a larger university, I was able to fully appreciate the benefits of a college environment for a university program. When I chose to pursue a career in law, all of my teachers were unbelievably supportive. From preparing for my LSATs, to struggling through the tough application process, I had access to an abundance of knowledge and mentors who genuinely cared about my goals. They even shared in the excitement as I received my first acceptance letter to a law school. If I could go back in time I wouldn't change my decision to be a part of this program. I stand behind it 100%.

Tessa Hills

- Tessa Hills, Alumni

Throughout my time at SLC I've worked hard, stayed engaged and been successful with the support of the knowledgeable staff and faculty. The faculty is always willing to go the extra mile to make each individuals experience at SLC a memorable one.

Brad Roberston

- Brad Robertson, Current Student

The Bachelor of Business Administration program at St. Lawrence College has provided me with highly qualified professors coupled with a smaller, more interactive atmosphere to better achieve my educational goals. The supportive environment from both my fellow colleagues and facility has helped to really drive me to not only achieve my success on paper but also set me up for success in my future endeavours as well. Given my experience in this program I feel very confident to pursue a post graduate degree program, and feel that my experience here at St. Lawrence College has really pushed me to go beyond what I would have ever imagined.

Brandon Haystead

- Brandon Haystead, Alumni

 “The Laurentian BBA program offered through St. Lawrence College has been a beneficial experience providing me with a strong foundation of knowledge to develop the necessary skills to succeed in my career. With the opportunity to obtain a business degree with a college style-learning atmosphere of small classrooms with a strong support system allow you to truly experience the best of what both worlds have to offer. As someone who transferred from a larger university I have been truly appreciative of the opportunity to connect with my professors and peers, which has directly correlated to my success in both academics and my career development.

Maverick Ramsaran

- Maverick Ramsaran, Alumni

Growing up in Kingston, I always had St. Lawrence on my mind for where I wanted to go for post-secondary education. Fresh out of high school, I chose to go to university in Ottawa and study commerce. After finding out about the BBA program that St. Lawrence offered, I knew I had to make the switch. At big universities, the professors don’t know us by name, but rather by a number. At SLC, I feel like a person rather than like a number. The class size is perfect for the learning environment that I am comfortable in. My grades are much higher in the BBA program than they were in Ottawa and I am honestly learning so much more! I actually enjoy going to school every day! The BBA program has opened up so many more doors for me than I have ever had before and I have gained much more confidence and happiness from being in this program. The professors are all so understanding and actually care about mine and my classmate’s success. I have met many new friends and look forward to meeting many more as I finish my degree at St. Lawrence College!

Ashley Fabbro

- Ashley Fabbro, Current Student

"SLC, and all the amazing faculty who work here, have provided me with the confidence to realize my goals and set higher ones. My experience with the School of Business through the BBA program has truly transformed my life and inspired my pursuit of higher education. Thank you both once again for your guidance, encouragement, and support. I feel privileged to have had you and other professors foster my ambitions."

Gobind Ahuja

- Gobind Ahuja, Alumni