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Career/College Preparatory Program (Adult Upgrading)

Available at: Brockville | Cornwall | Kingston


The Career/College Preparatory Program is designed to provide adult learners with the opportunity to improve academic, technical, personal, and interpersonal skills in preparation for college programs, apprenticeships and future employment. Our program is specifically designed for adults to develop communication, mathematics, science and computer skills in a supportive college environment for the purpose of enhancing career and employment opportunities, future learning, and personal life.

This Employment Ontario program is funded by the Ontario Government.

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  • Meet college and apprenticeship admission requirements
  • Study English, Sciences, Math
  • Enhance computer and personal management skills
  • Personal assessment and individualized curriculum
  • Self-paced study: each upgrading level takes approximately 16 weeks to complete
  • Full-time or part-time studies
  • Career counselling available


Q: Who can take College Prep?

A: College Prep is for those who are missing admission requirements to the college program of their choice. Our highest level courses, called our ACE courses (Academic and Career Entrance), are regarded as being equivalent to 12 College (C) level for the purpose of admission to college or apprenticeship programs. College Prep is also an option for folks who technically meet the admission requirements but want to brush up rusty academic skills or boost self-confidence by easing into student mode. College Prep is also appropriate for folks who are looking for work or for those who already have a job but want to advance at their workplace.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: College Prep is free for most students. Contact 613-544-5400 ext. 1126 or for more information.

Q: What are the classes like?

A: In College Prep students receive the course material and work through it at their own pace, supported by College Prep faculty who will answer questions and provide clarification. For each of the core subject areas (math, English, biology, physics, and chemistry), instructors are available an average of twenty four hours per week. Computer instruction is available three hours per week. In addition, we offer small group stand-up teaching as well.

Q: How often do students attend College Prep classes?

A: Students themselves determine how often and when they can attend College Prep. We offer day and evening sessions so that each student can design his or her own schedule, one that fits the individual student’s other commitments such as work and family. Students are required to attend classes for a minimum of six hours per week.

Q: When does the College Prep program start?

A: College Prep is continuous intake, so students don’t have to wait for certain times of the year to sign up. We’re open year-round, with the exception of a two week break at Christmas and a one week break at the end of summer.

Q: How long does the program last?

A: Since College Prep is self-paced, the time students take to finish a subject will vary depending on how quickly students grasp the material, how much time they can devote to their studies, and how motivated they are. The ballpark figure is that one level of a subject will take four months to complete.

Q: How do I sign up?

A: phone: 613-544-5400 ext. 1126 (preferred method of contact)


Program Name

Career/College Preparatory Program (Adult Upgrading)

Program Code



Academic & Career Entrance (ACE) Certificate

Start Dates


Program Duration

Tailored to meet individual needs

Location (Campus)


Canadian Fees

International Fees

Additional Costs

Scholarships and Bursaries

St. Lawrence College offers an extensive Student Scholarship and Bursary Program. Scholarships and bursaries for this purpose are sponsored by external organizations and private individuals. These awards recognize our academic excellence, community involvement, contribution to the quality of College life, outstanding achievement and professional potential. For more details visit Bursaries and Scholarships.

Program Outline 2020-21

Literacy & Basic Skills Level 3
CPEN3000 English
CPMA3000 Math

Literacy & Basic Skills Level 4
CPEN4000 English
CPMA4000 Math

Literacy & Basic Skills Level 5
MATH 1048 College Preparatory Mathematics for Health Science & Human Studies

Computer & Self-Direction
CPCO0010 Word – Basic
CPCO0020 Word – Intermediate
CPCO0030 Word – Advanced
CPCO0040 Intro to PowerPoint
CPCO0050 Intro to Excel
CPCO0060 Intro to Access
CPSD6310  Self-Direction

Academic & Career Entrance (ACE)
ACEE6000 English
ACEM6010 Core Math
ACEM6020 Business Math
ACEM6030 Technology Math
ACEM6040 Apprenticeship Math
ACES6110 Chemistry
ACES6120 Physics
ACES6130 Biology
ACEC6210 Computers
ACED6310 Self-Management & Self-Direction

Articulation & Credit Transfer Opportunities

SLC graduates have many options to continue their studies with post-secondary institutions across Canada and around the world. Agreements between SLC and other institutions that are specific to this program are listed below. In addition, there are many credit transfer pathway agreements between colleges and universities within the province of Ontario. Please also visit to search for options relevant to your program area of study.

    Admission Requirements


    Health Requirements


    I came to the College Prep Program to complete the credits I needed in order to be eligible for the Practical Nursing Program. I was able to complete the four credits required and am proud to say that I am now in my first year of Practical Nursing. Not only did College Prep allow me to gain the credits I needed, but it also helped me to build my confidence, become familiar with the campus and meet new people - some of whom advanced into Practical Nursing with me this year. I highly recommend the College Prep program to anyone who wants to further their education and/or create a smooth transition into post-secondary education.

    Susannah Murphy

    Program Contact

    General Inquiries

    Admissions Information

    Connect with a Student Recruitment Officer:

    Additional Information

    Bonus Points
    ACE Certificate graduates who have a 3.0 GPA or better will receive 10 bonus points in the ranking process when they apply to St. Lawrence College certificate or diploma programs that are highly competitive. This bonus does not apply to any of the degree programs.

    Note: ACE courses are available online. Contact your program advisor for more information.

    Advanced Standing

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