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St. Lawrence College has Liaison Offices in Latin America to assist our future students and Educational Consultants/Agent partners.

Roles and Responsibilities

The roles and responsibilities of the Liaison Offices include:

  • Counselling individuals or groups on the programs offered by St. Lawrence College.
  • Providing information on Canadian lifestyle, our local communities, accommodation and cost of living.
  • Helping with the application process.
  • Advising and supporting institutions interested in academic collaboration.
  • Providing pre-departure briefings for students travelling to St. Lawrence College.
  • Providing a base for St. Lawrence College officials who visit from Canada to attend spot admissions and seminars.
  • Providing promotional materials and support to all our Educational Consultants/Agent partners.
  • Conducting information sessions, seminars and participation in Education Fairs on behalf of St. Lawrence College.


  • All applications to St. Lawrence College will be processed at the College's International Office in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.
  • Although all applications from Latin America will be submitted through the SLC Colombia and SLC Latin America Offices, final admissions decisions will be made by St. Lawrence College admissions staff in Canada.
  • All fees are payable to the St. Lawrence College account and additional fees for processing applications will not be charged.

Prospective Educational Consultants/Agents

We value the work of our Agent network. For information about admissions to St. Lawrence College, our programs, or how to become part of our Agent network, please contact:

Colombian Agents:

Agents from the rest of Latin America:

Active Educational Consultants/Agents

If you are already part of our approved Agent network and need to submit an application, please submit your application via the International Application Portal. 



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