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PROJ 5011

In this course, students work in teams on case studies related to all elements of managing projects.  Alpha International Academy will provide several case studies from the following specialized business sectors for teams to choose from. 


•           Project Management in Healthcare

•           Project Management in Information Technology

•           Project Management in Construction

•           Project Management in another business sector approved by faculty team

Students will be responsible for all aspects of the project including project definition, Work Breakdown Structure, Network Diagrams, Critical Path and establishing the Project Baseline.  Once baseline is set student will involve recording task transactions affecting time, cost and human resources.


Students are required to formally report project status to a faculty team on a regular basis.


During the presentations of the case students, students must present their own case study and attend and comment on the presentations of at least two other different case studies.  This gives students exposure to two other case studies and two other approaches to the presentation.