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PROJ 5005

Communication during all phases of a project is one of the most important factors that will ensure project success.


Effective communication consists of technical and interpersonal skills that are equally important as it relates to clearly conveying a message and ensuring it is understood.     


Students will develop strong technical skills in the form of basic grammar principles and writing styles, developing and presenting project related materials, and essential public speaking skills.


Students must also possess strong interpersonal skills and learn not only how and what to communicate but they must learn how to demonstrate good listening skills, be patient and empathetic as required by the situation, manage conflict and develop a conflict resolution strategy so as to achieve consensus in the least stressful manor.


Throughout the various stages of project development project leaders will engage stakeholders and will learn how to communicate their findings so as to secure commitment on various project related outcomes. 


Students also learn how to retrieve information from various sources to aid in project development, execution, and implementation and follow up.