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“International trade will be the engine of growth for the Canadian economy in the 21 century”. It is estimated that in Canada one job in four depends on exports to foreign countries. In 2002, Canada’s total two-way trade in goods and services was an eye popping $891 billion, or $2.4 billion every day. International marketers at every level of businesses in Canada played a key role in creating these figures by bringing the providers of products, services, and ideas together with international buyers.

But international trade has other benefits as well. As Canada’s current International Trade Minister, the Honorable James Peterson, recently stated: “Trade enhances the quality of life of those in Canada and others around the world.”

Marketing in an international environment is exciting, demanding, challenging, and more often that not a complex undertaking, but it also provides rewards of the highest order. Ask any businessperson who has been on a Team Canada Mission with the Prime Minister and Premiers to areas such as Asia, South America, Los Angeles, or the Mid East. Chances are, he or she will say “ringing up the international sale” or signing an agreement with the foreign partner and having the Canadian flag in the background, is one of the most enjoyable and deeply satisfying experiences in her or his professional life.

While big multinational national firms such as Bombardier, Nortel, and Cognos grab many of the headlines these days, the vast majority of exporters of the 18,000 exporting companies in Canada are small and medium sized enterprises—the kind one finds around the Kingston, Belleville and Cornwall corridor.

This course in International Marketing has relevance to students who will enter the work force as entrepreneurs with one or two partners, join small or medium sized product or service providers, or join large multinational firms.

The individual lessons are designed to give students an introduction to the principles and terminology involved in international marketing and to enable them to contribute to the international work of any large or small business. It is hoped that the course may also whet the appetitive and lay the groundwork for a number of the students to take advanced studies in the area of international marketing.