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In this course, students participate in a real world learning (RWL) environment. The work experience (placement) semester is designed to provide the opportunity for the student who has successfully completed their college courses in semesters one (1) through five (5) inclusive to apply their knowledge and skills in an actual RWL environment. The student participates in the operations, processes and protocols found in a biotechnology related workplace site. This course is designed to immerse the student in a working laboratory and/or industrial facility and promote the successful integration of curriculum elements of performance in an applied setting. This opportunity affords students with the chance to access equipment and/or processes that may not have been accessible in the programme, promotes opportunities for specialization and provides for increased exposure to the industry and job potentials in a wide variety of fields associated with Biotechnology. The student has the opportunity to integrate theory and practice as well as to develop a professional network and reflect on their future career paths.