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IETT 300

The focus of the course will be to take the elements taught in other electronic courses of the first semester and apply them in a team-oriented, microcomputer and robotic-based project of ever-increasing levels of complexity.

The student will gain understanding of how smart systems work by building, programming and testing a number of interface circuits and smart systems. Ultimately the student teams will build and program their mobile robot to compete against other student teams in various types of assigned challenges in the SMART robotic competition at the end of the semester.

The Student will be introduced to the architecture, programming, communication and interfacing of the popular Parallax BASIC STAMP 2 micro controller. This course will introduce students to the use of microcomputers and micro-controllers in analog and digital monitoring and control.

There are two secondary results that this course will provide. First, it will provide the student with introductory knowledge of computer interfacing circuitry and digital communications. Secondly, it will allow the student to develop basic level programming and trouble-shooting skills. These secondary results will form a base skill set required by courses later in the program.