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ETHS 150

This is an in-class/online blended learning course that introduces students to the history of bioethics, relevant ethical theory and contemporary bioethical issues related to such activities as stem cell research, GMOs, animal research and harassment both in the workplace and as a consequence of working in the field of Biotechnology.  This course will promote responsible and ethical practices for novel technologies in the biological sciences as well as engage social responsibility regarding the utilization of biotechnological applications in the fields of health care, food and agriculture, industry and the environment. 

The first part of the course is structured to provide students with awareness of the values, assumptions, beliefs, theories and principles that provide a framework of bioethical decision-making.  The second part of the course provides an opportunity for students to examine and dissect various contemporary, controversial bioethical issues and trends using the knowledge that they have gained in the first part of the course.

Prerequisite: LABS250