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This course serves as an introduction to the history of art through a survey of 20th century art, with an overview of works leading into the modern era. The course not only exposes students to great art but also describes the historical context in which it was created. Assignments are interdisciplinary and interactive, allowing students to use various design skills to present their ideas. Problems in visual communications can be solved in a variety of ways; it is often considered wise to look for inspiration in historical models. The 20th century has brought a variety of artistic experiences unparalleled in the history of art. Many great graphic designers have been inspired/influenced by "observing" both past and present examples in all the arts. When combined with our present technology the images created from our exposure to these historical models can be awesome. From the futurists or the constructivists; Warhol to Graves; classical Greeks to post-modern, graphic designers have the opportunity to create award winning designs whether it be for advertising, packaging, financial reports or newspaper advertising because of this rich source of information available to them. Textbook required.