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COMP 213

In this course, students will be introduced to Network Administration --- Windows 2008 Server in the Enterprise builds on knowledge gained in the Introduction to Networking, the Windows and the Network Design courses.

> Introduction to Windows 2008 Server in various network models will be reviewed and various Trust Relationships will be studied.
> Capacity Planning and Performance as well as an Active Directory concept and the Installation and Configuration of the Active Directory Controllers will be learned and practiced in the lab environment.
> Configuration of Domain Network Core Services, Disk Management, Printers, Data and System Recovery, User accounts and Groups management will be a significant part of this course.
> Management of a network resources as well as Security and Permissions studied on the Windows XP Pro will be then expanded to the Windows 2008 Server - Active Directory environment.
> Windows 2008 Application Server, Network protocols and the Remote Access Server will be studied. The Performance monitor and Network Monitor will be used as an initial System troubleshooting tool.