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BUSI 100

"College educators continue to be bombarded with employer concerns regarding recent graduates' lack of ability to demonstrate appropriate workplace behavior. Few students are able to make the connection between self-esteem, personal financial management, and workplace performance. Many are unaware of the expectations regarding business etiquette, appropriate use of technology, and proper attire. In today's challenging economy and increasingly competitive work environment, it is imperative that students know how to appropriately communicate and deal with conflict, teamwork, and accountability in a fair and ethical manner." (Professionalism by Lydia E. Anderson and Sandra B. Bolt)

This course has been designed to fill the gap that exists between most graduates' short-comings in the area of professionalism and what the employers are expecting. This course will be team-taught by many members of the faculty and will be reinforced throughout the students' program. Concepts taught here will be integrated into every college course in each business program.

In addition to topics addressing professionalism, industry specific suite software will allow the students to explore the advanced features and integration of data and graphics between word processing and pesentation software packages. Students will be introduced to SLC’s Business program standards for submitting reports. While studying presentation software, students will gain experience making presentations to their peers. Students will also explore current operating systems, internet search engines and contact management software.