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During this field experience, students are placed in a treatment program or learning environment for individuals with ASD. The student demonstrates their cumulative skills and knowledge gained in the prerequisite courses throughout the program. Students complete an assessment of a skill deficit or challenging behavior, and develop, implement and evaluate a treatment plan for an individual with ASD while adhering to ethical guidelines. Students also complete elective assignments such as but not limited to; preference assessments and creating visual supports. Students are also required to complete a mock interview and provide a reflection on their performance. Lastly, through evaluation meetings students are given feedback on their behavioural and generic work skills.

Prerequisite(s): AUBS2 + AUBS4 + AUBS5 + AUBS6 + AUBS9 + BEHA5 + AUBS1

Co-requisite(s): AUBS3 + AUBS7 + AUBS8 + AUBS10