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ANIM 303

This course deals with anaesthesia and advanced nursing techniques. The veterinary anaesthesia component of the course focuses on practical applications of general and local anaesthetics in veterinary medicine. Both large and small animals are considered. Topics include anaesthetic agents, means of delivery, pre-, intra- and postoperative monitoring, and assessing depth of anaesthesia. Adverse effects of anaesthetics on humans who administer them are also covered. Particular attention is paid to anaesthetic emergencies and to the anaesthetic needs of patients that are at special risk. The advanced nursing techniques component of the course emphasizes important principles of medical and surgical care required for nursing a companion animal (dog/cat) to a state of health, or at least to a state of stability. Consideration is given to special patient needs varying from those of acute (emergency) cases, requiring intensive care, to the needs of chronically ill patients, requiring long-term management.
PRE-REQUISITES: All semester 1 to 4 courses.